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Families' Concerns Report 2014: This is the report from the Army Families Federation which highlights the issues that Army families have brought to the attention of AFF. Statistics are gathered from Army families worldwide and thus provide an accurate reflection of matters affecting the global British Army community. Download the Families' Concerns 2014


MESSAGE FROM AFF'S F&C TEAM: Due to recent surge in tasking there may be delays in the response times by the Foreign & Commonwealth team. We are doing our best to ensure all enquiries are read, categorised and prioritised promptly. In the short term our response time is revised to 15 working days. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  


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The Latest

Making a stage 2 housing complaint
02. 09. The new process.
New NHS Constitution
18. 08. The new NHS Constitution has now been released – take a look at what this means to you. There is a useful handbook which explains the constitution but also provides guidance on the complaints process.
CAAS survey update
18. 08. Have you received a letter with an estimate of the charge your current home may attract when CAAS is introduced in April 2016?
SFA charges overseas: more good news for families
30. 07. The Combined Accommodation Assessment System (CAAS) for families living in Service Families Accommodation (SFA) will be implemented in April 2016.
Great news for families living overseas
30. 07. AFF is thrilled that, after much campaigning, Contribution in lieu of council tax (CILOCT) is to be removed from all overseas postings.