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Wherever you are in the world – we’re there with you

At AFF we are aware that overseas postings can bring a whole set of additional challenges, in comparison to being posted within the UK. So whether you are based overseas due to loan service, an exchange, a NATO HQ posting, as a military attaché, at staff college, a training unit or any other possible type or posting we are here for you.

If you have an enquiry or an issue relating to your overseas posting, do contact AFF’s UK and Overseas Director. We are keen to hear from as many families as possible. This will provide AFF with a clear picture which informs our work to improve the lives of Army families across the world. 

So, whether you are posted to Brunei, France, Australia, Italy, the United States, Oman, South Africa, the Falkland Islands or anywhere else, we will be there to assist you.  


Regional Manager Overseas

Esther Thomas 
Tel: 01264 382322



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