Mould in SFA/SSFA

For many years, families have come to AFF with concerns about damp and mouldy SFA.

In 2012, we decided to set up our own AFF Mould Database for families to record their SFA address so that we could start to build up a picture of the issue; we now have over 1,000 addresses on the database and through sharing this with DIO and CarillionAmey (CA) we have helped them to pinpoint ‘hotspot areas’.

As a result, DIO have committed 6 million over two years to upgrade and refurb those houses/estates worst affected.

DIO and MHS (now CA) also agreed a revised three-stage process for responding to reports of mould and damp, following discussion with the Families Federations:

  1. Family reports damp or mould to CA Helpdesk (0800 707 6000) and CA will send out a contractor to assess and do remedial works to treat the affected areas.
  2. Failure of (a) to permanently address damp issues, family reports to CA  helpdesk, CA responds with a technical officer visit to assess extent of  issue. Course of action agreed to make right- subject to (c) below – if  issue is unique to single SFA on the subject estate.
  3. Where (b) requires; professional survey outside of the experience and expertise of local CA or DIO staff, if the issue persists after remedial work is carried out, or the issue is determined to affect similar SFA by design on the estate, CA staff request a professional survey that provides detail on cause, options to correct and rough order of cost. In addition, a professional survey can be requested by DIO staff at any stage.

CA are to keep families informed at all stages of the process.

The new process means that a report of serious damp or mould will be inspected by both a DIO and CarillionAmey representative who will have access to damp meters and other technology for establishing the cause of the issue, and which will be recorded on a new common survey form.

This progress wouldn’t have been possible without families coming to AFF with the evidence, so please continue to register on the AFF database.

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Mould in houses
How to deal with mould in your SFA
A mould success story


Mould in houses

 Register your SFA or SSFA on our mould database 

Have you ever wondered what causes mould? Mould needs moisture to grow and there are two underlying reasons why moisture/damp might appear in a house - structural reasons and condensation. Read more


How to deal with mould in your SFA

Condensation issues can often be effectively dealt with by your family. DIO/CarillionAmey have produced a very good fact sheet, Combating Condensation, which shows what you can do to reduce condensation and tackle mould in the home. 

However, in cases where mould is caused by structural or ventilation issues (such as insufficient extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens), families should contact the CarillionAmey Customer Helpdesk as these causes will need to be dealt with by CarillionAmey.

Whatever the cause of the mould, the first time you notice it call the CarillionAmey Customer Helpdesk (0800 707 6000) and ask for someone to come and look at it. A Technical Officer (TO) will attend with a damp meter to assess whether the mould is caused by structural or general condensation issues. Read more


AFF in ActionA mould success story

For many years during the winter period, families approached AFF about mould in their SFA and the way it was dealt with by DIO and MHS.

In 2012, AFF decided to launch its Mould database in order to gather as much information about how many SFA experience mould and damp problems. Read more

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