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Tri-Service Transition survey: from military to civilian life, the families’ journey

With a focus on transition out of the Armed Forces, the Naval, Army and RAF Families Federations are working together to garner a wide response from those families who have left the Forces in the last two years, or those who plan to leave before September 2019.

Our survey will cover all aspects of your transition journey; from your reasons for leaving to the impact transition has on your family. We’ll also explore your main transition challenges and invite you to tell us your ideas about how transition support can be improved.

Why does my opinion matter?

Because you can make a difference. Your opinion is valued, it can add to the quality of the information provided to other families, you can help initiate best practice and those families undergoing transition in the future will benefit from your contribution.

Will it really help?

Yes! Through our surveys you the families have helped to make an impact in the corridors of power, resulting in improvements for military families. A great example of this is the tri-Service housing survey that influenced much of the approach around the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) – we asked for your thoughts, you spoke and you were listened to.

We need to hear from you again. What you can tell us now will help families in the future to ensure that a potentially rocky road becomes a smoother path.

What will you do with my response?

Your feedback and opinions are vital and will inform the future work of our Transition Liaison, who is kindly funded by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) to support transitioning families.

How do I give my views?

The survey is simple to complete and by taking part you’ll also be entered into a prize draw to win one of three HP tablets kindly donated by DXC technology.

For those who are leaving: click here to take the survey.

For those that have left: click here to take the survey.

To find out more about our work on transition out of the Forces, click here.

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