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General UK Education - The Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) is an integral part of The Directorate Children and Young People (DCYP), which is the focal point within the Ministry of Defence for all matters relating to Service children and young people. If you are a service family and need help with your children's education, then contact CEAS by visiting their website. - Directorate Children and Young people (DCYP) provides appropriate professional direction, support and advice in order to ensure that children and young people are provided with every opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes and fulfil their potential. - Home page for the Department for Education. This has information for parents, teachers and pupils including the Schools Admissions Code 2012 and Service Premium. - Office for standards in education (Ofsted). Has inspection reports on individual schools. - Get help if you're at school, planning to go on to further or higher education, looking for training or interested in a student or career development loan. - Gives information on all state and independent schools. Also has information about the curriculum in England. - Education in Northern Ireland. - National Extension College is a distance learning college offering courses and resources in GCSEs and A levels through to professional and vocational qualifications. - a website that publishes a wide range of articles on schools in Britain and offers a free school search. - Helping young people to get into university or college in the UK.

Overseas - Provides information about Service Children’s Education worldwide. - Council of British Independent Schools in the European Communities. - The International Baccalaureate Organisation.

Miscellaneous - The Royal School Hampstead Trust exists to assist in funding the education of dependants of Servicemen and women, both currently serving and retired. Grants are available to those up to the age of 25. - is a new online service designed to support and encourage parents and carers of children aged 5-19, with a collection of short and engaging videos addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, behaviour and learning. - Children’s Legal Centre. - The National Association for Pastoral Care in Education, specialist information including exclusion. - Includes online help leaflet for parents worried about exclusion. - Information on schools appeals. - The Childline charity website.

Boarding Schools - Website for State Boarding Schools Association. The education is state funded, and parents only pay for board and lodging. - Queen Victoria School for Children of Scottish and Scottish-based Armed Forces personnel. - The Royal Hospital School in Ipswich is a co-educational Full Boarding and Day School for 11 to 18 year olds offering substantial discounts for MOD CEA eligible families. - The Boarding School Association website with search facility and links to school websites. - Enables you to search for boarding schools according to different criteria, such as area, type of school etc. - Search site for independent schools. - Search site for independent schools. - Independent Schools Inspectorate. - Hobsons list all ISC accredited schools in the UK that offer boarding and have in-depth profiles for 220 of these schools. All of Hobsons products and service are completely free of charge to parents. - This website enables parents locally, nationally and globally to locate independent private schools in the UK most suitable for their children. - The Education Clinic offers free and impartial advice and guidance to families looking for a boarding school.

Scottish Section - Delivering services around the country in homes and communities that help children and families every day. - Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People makes sure all children and young people in Scotland have their rights respected. - The Royal Caledonian Schools Trust (commonly referred to as “The Caley “) aims to help young Scots reach their full educational potential. - Scottish Qualification Authority. - Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) Tel: 01786 449063 - HM Inspectorate of Education - Information for parents in the Scottish Education System. - Education in Scotland. - Student Award Agency for Scotland. - National advice service for parents and carers of children with special educational needs. - Scottish advice service for learning support.

Childcare and Pre-School Information - Hampshire Children's Information Service is a free, confidential and impartial childcare information service for Hampshire parents and carers. - provides London families with a comprehensive listing of family related topics such as events, soft play, child care, charitable organisations and many others. - Information on nursery school education. - Pre-school learning Alliance. - The Daycare Trust is a national charity promoting high quality affordable childcare for all. Tel: 020 7840 3350 - Sure Start is a Government website for childcare and returning to work. - National Childminding Association. - Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA). Tel: 01786 449063 - Northern Ireland Childminding Association. Tel: 029 9181 1015 - Government website for those interested in careers in childcare. - Support for families of disabled children under 3 years old.


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