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As many visitors to our website will know, AFF is often recruiting, as existing members of staff move on, usually on posting. The jobs within AFF are many and varied, and as such, each round of recruiting requires particular attention in terms of the skills, abilities and previous experience we seek in potential staff members.

In this section, we explain a little more about what we’re looking for, and answer some of the more commonly asked questions. 

Do you have to be married to the Army to work for AFF?

You don’t have to be married to or in a relationship with someone in the Army or Forces to work for AFF. In the vast majority of our jobs though, the person specification will outline that we are looking for candidates who can demonstrate an understanding of the impact of Army life on its families, and also the issues affecting Army families.

This requirement does not exclude applicants who are in no way related to the Army. Indeed, past and present AFF staff have included Navy and RAF spouses, civilians (with no immediate connection to the Army) and others whose spouse/partner has left the Forces. We welcome applications from all sections of the community, and where applicants can demonstrate this critical understanding of the Army family’s unique way of life (and other criteria in the person specification), their application will be given all due consideration. 

I’m applying for a job with AFF. Is there already an internal candidate selected, and is the recruitment process just AFF ‘going through the motions’?

Externally advertised vacancies are open to all sections of the community. Existing staff are of course eligible to apply for vacancies.

AFF is committed to a fair and open recruitment process and all applications are treated consistently. If there are internal applicants, they are subject to the same shortlisting and assessment procedures as external applicants; being an internal applicant is not a guarantee of being shortlisted for interview.

On occasion, internal candidates are successful, and in these cases it will be because they demonstrated the skills, experience and qualification we sought.

If you are part of a shortlist which includes an internal candidate, please be assured of the fair and thorough process which is in place. In each round of recruiting, all candidates are interviewed by the same panel and asked the same questions, so interview scores and assessment are made on identical criteria. 

What AFF is looking for

If you are invited to interview, it means your application form demonstrated that you can meet the person specification.

At interview, the panel will be looking to see how well you respond to questions about previous experience or evidence of the type of skills we’re looking for. Crucially, we will also be looking for candidates to demonstrate a clear understanding of and interest in the role they’ve applied for, and the way in which AFF works. 

Candidates’ responses to questions, as well as general communication skills will be assessed at the interview, and if a task is included as part of the interview process, performance in this will form a part of the final assessment.

If you aren’t successful at interview, you are of course entitled to contact us for feedback.

Being unsuccessful at interview doesn’t necessarily mean that you would not have been right for the job, or indeed that you performed badly at interview. It is quite often the case that multiple candidates demonstrate a clear capacity for success in the role, and on those occasions, we have to decide based on who has scored well and who could bring the best and most appropriate experience, skill and qualification to the role. As such, our feedback will often be that you weren’t successful purely because our chosen candidate might have had just a little more experience, or skill in a particular area. Alternatively, it could be that you didn’t demonstrate what we were looking for, through the questions/tasks we set.

Please do contact us if you would like to know more about your interview performance. The panel member you speak to will provide an honest assessment of your performance, and also the reason/s why you weren’t selected.


Kier Winner

AFF is delighted to have been chosen as the Test Valley Business Award Employer of the Year 2013. The Award recognises the efforts we make in supporting our staff, in UK and worldwide, throughout their employment.


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